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Esperanto course

  • Kind: CD-ROM, text-book/dictionary, FEL, English
  • Availability: In stock
  • Price: €14.96
  • Year of publication: 2004
  • Format: kodoromo
  • Description: The CD-rom contains among other things a basic course of 12 lessons, with ten sections. Each lesson ends with exercises that can be sent to a tutor by e-mail for checking. “There is also an advanced course in the form of a 25-chapter detective novel,” says Dan Van Herpe, spokesperson for FES. “You also get a dictionary with 20,000 words, and a word-checker with approximately 600 words.”
    During its 116 years of existence, the Esperanto movement has developed its own culture. Proof of this lies in its original literature in prose and poetry, and Esperanto translations of the Bible and the works of Shakespeare or Tolkien. These, however, are not on the CD-rom. “They are too difficult for beginners. There are easier stories such as “The Little Prince”, a play, some poetry and even humourous stories. And there’s music, too: five short songs in MP3-format, all originally written in Esperanto,” says Van Herpe.
    The CD also gives you clear instructions if you want further information necessary for exploring the movement on the Internet. For a language spoken by millions in more than 100 countries, the Internet has become a perfect tool for the language. “To be helpful to Esperanto-speakers getting going in the international world of Esperanto, four discount vouchers for international meetings are included, and a voucher for 10% off the price of “Monato”, a monthly magazine which deals with political, economic and cultural news from all over the world. “Monato” is written entirely in Esperanto by local journalists,” concludes Van Herpe.
  • Notes: CR-rom for Windows. System requirements: Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP, Pentium 100 Mhz, 16 Mb memory, 27 Mb free on the hard disc, SVGA, sound card, microphone.
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